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Damage and defects

What can I do when my watch is damaged or has a defect just after I received it?
We do our utmost to deliver your watch in perfect condition. However if something went wrong your watch has 2 years of warranty. Details about the warranty can be found here.

What can I do when my watch is damaged or has a defect after the warranty period?
Your warranty period is two years – glass, strap and battery excluded. Read about warranty here. If your watch does not function anymore or is damaged we can always check if it can be repaired. Here you read how we can help you with that.

Exchange and returns

Can I exchange my watch for another model or color?
Yes, that is possible, as you have the right to return your product within a certain period. Here you can read how to do that. After returning your product just order a new one.

What if I am not satisfied with my watch?
That is possible, of course. You have the right to return your watch within 14 days after receiving it. Here you can read about how to return it.


How do I adjust my strap?
The rubber straps need to be adjusted to your wrist. You can do that yourself, but it is easier to ask your local jeweler – for a very small amount of money he can perfectly adjust your strap.

How do I operate my watch?
With your watch you will receive a manual (in the box) but you can also download the manual here.

What is a tachymeter?
The tachymeter is a simple time/distance calculator. Most are calibrated to be used with fixed kilometer posts along the roads. First, reset the stopwatch. As you pass a kilometer post, start the chronograph running. Stop it as you pass the next kilometer post. The big hand of your chronograph is now indicating your speed in kilometers per hour. This is because that speed is equal to distance over time, so if it takes 30 seconds to do a kilometer, then you would do two kilometers in a minute, which means your speed is 120 kph. The tachymeter simply works this out for you. The numbers on the bezel decrease as you move clockwise. 60 is at the top, if it takes you a minute to travel a kilometer, you would do 60 kilometers in one hour because there are 60 minutes in one hour.

What does ATM, Bar and meters mean for the water resistance?
Water resistance is depending on the construction of the case of your watch. Not all water resistant watches are water resistant under all circumstances. For this there are different indications in different categories. These indications are normally printed on a watch (on the back or on the dial) and is indicated in by the pressure of water (ATM, Bar or meters) which is the benchmark for testing at a normal temperature. Read these indications as follows:

  • 3 ATM / 3 Bar / 30 meter: withstand splashes or brief immersion in water, or getting caught in the rain;
  • 5 ATM / 5 Bar / 50 meter: withstand showering and while swimming in shallow water although it is not advisable as  differences in temperature might be a risk;
  • 10 ATM / 10 Bar / 100 meter: around household sinks, while playing (water)sports and while swimming, surfing, sailing or snorkeling. Differences in temperature might be a risk. Do not wear it while scuba diving;
  • 20 ATM / 20 Bar / 200 meter (or more): suitable for all kinds of water sports and scuba diving.

Attention: never use the crown or chronograph pusher under water!

How do I adjust the big chronograph hand?
If your watch have had one or more shocks the main chronograph hand (that big orange one) is not exactly at its 12 hour position. You can easily correct this. On page 22 of your manual you will find how to do that, you can also download the manual here.

The LEMARQ logo on the back is not shown horizontally, is that correct?
Yes it is. The back of your watch is etched by a machine to achieve the best and most sharp result. After that process it can be screwed to the watch case. This is being done in a special high pressure cabine, filled with water, to test and guarantee the water resistance of the watch. As a result of this the back is screwed according certain tolerances which leads to a random position of the back. We thought this was the best solution in order to have our logo on the back of your watch.