Product manual

Important to know:

Some straps need to be adjusted to your wrist. You can easily do that yourself. You can also ask your local jeweler – for a very small amount of money he can perfectly adjust your strap.

The back of your watch is etched by a machine to achieve the best and most sharp result. After that process it can be screwed to the watch case. This is being done in a special high pressure cabine, filled with water, to test and guarantee the water resistance of the watch. As a result of this the back is screwed according certain tolerances which leads to a random position of the back. We thought this was the best solution in order to have our logo on the back of your watch.

Your watch is a small and most complicated mechanical object designed to be worn on a regular basis for many years. To maintain the precision and reliability of your watch we advise you to follow these guidelines:

Avoid magnetic fields: for instance do not place your watch on speakers or refrigerators

When using your watch in salt (sea) water rinse it with warm water afterwards

Avoid heavy shocks

Avoid contact with chemical products including perfumes and cosmetic products

Avoid temperatures above 60° C (140° F), below 0° C (32° F)and extreme temperature changes

Avoid operating the crown and chronograph pushers under water

More information about your watch can be found in the manual which is in your LEMARQ box.